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Rights to the works of A. V. Frič

Uncle Indian
This history of a secret Indian treasure and man-eating jaguars is not only a captivating adventure which has enchanted many generations, but also a valuable source of information about the life of people on the edge of the mysterious Gran Chaco. A.V. Frič lived among the South American Indians for around ten years at the beginning of the century, not merely as a traveller and observer, nor as 'just' their friend, but as one of them...
The first volume of a free trilogy, 9th edition 1995, illustrated by Zdeněk Burian
ISBN: 80-901274-8-7

Snake Island
Remarkable primeval dumps, where the bygone inhabitants of South America discarded oyster shells and the remains of their cannibal feasts, are not the only secrets of Snake Island. Surprising disclosures about a tall stranger turn a quiet fishing village upside down, and he himself has no need of unexpected adventures...
The second volume of a free trilogy, 6th edition 1995, illustrated by Zdeněk Burian
ISBN: 80-85909-05-7,

The Tall Hunter
Frič's reminiscences this time return to the wilds of South America at the beginning of the century, when proud Indian warriors were still resolved to defend their land and their word, which the hunters value more than the law. At that time, uncounted herds of cattle still lived beneath the eagles' heights, the moorlands were white with rare herons, and jaguar skins were a common form of payment in dockside taverns. The white settlers, however, kept arriving, bringing with them their guns, gin, illnesses and death...
The third volume of a free trilogy, 7th edition 1996, illustrated by Zdeněk Burian
ISBN: 80-901274-06-5

Authentic reminiscences of the tale of a South American Indian of the wild Chamacoco tribe, brought to Prague in 1908 by Frič. Under an outer layer of comic situations associated with bringing a 'savage' to civilisation lies a bitter subtext of hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness and envy, of double standards and empty words. A large number of documentary photographs show that this is not a work of written fiction, but of literary fact.
2nd edition 2000, ISBN: 80-901274-1-X


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